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MidJet GSM Text - SMS to and from AS/400 and NT

MidJet GSM Text is a software product that makes it possible to send SMS (text messages up to 160 characters) between GSM mobile phones and AS/400 and NT.

It can be used for many purposes. A well-developed module gives the operator on call the possibility to see and handle operation problems in the AS/400, NT's and the network.

Management can easily receive reports about sales, budget or other information from the business application.

MidJet GSM Text is easy to install and use. Normally, the first message will be sent within an hour.

The product is very attractively priced!

MidJet GSM Text for AS/400

The product contains many functions:

  • Bidirectional SMS
  • Log function with full history
  • SMS messages can be sent from an interctive program, from command or API
  • Authority checking - high security

Operation's module contains many valuable monitoring functions:

  • Monitor any message queue
  • Reply to inquiry messages
  • Job- and outqueues, jobs and subsystems
  • TCP/IP network

Well-developed support for installations with multiple AS/400 systems.

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